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Newport Group, LLCNewport Group, LLC. Improving Management and Leadership Practices in Complex Organizations Through a Systems Approach.

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It's Obvious!

I have a big problem when I delegate a task. Once I mention the topic of the task, I believe the needed result, the needed methods and resources, and the needed empowerment are all obvious. Part of my personality type (ENTP, for those who know Meyers Briggs typing), is that everything seems obvious to me. The problem is: what’s obvious to me isn’t obvious to others.
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Vision is Knowing Where You Want to Be

Some people have a clear sense of who they are, where they're going in life; they can see it clearly because they have a personal vision of what they want to achieve in their life. They're committed to it. They're at peace with it.
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Life Balance Corner

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Who We Are


Our consultants and instructors are proven educators and managers. They have served in academia, business, and government organizations. They are like-minded in a systems approach to problem analysis and fundamental solution development. In our workshops, they employ active learning methods so clients can learn and use new skills immediately in the workplace. For a more complete resume, click on the consultant(s) of interest to you.

Harold Kurstedt (PDF, 32K), Riner, Virginia, has 40 years experience teaching systems engineering, management systems engineering, and relationship competence to technical professionals. Recently retired as the Hal G. Prillaman Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, he is an award-winning professor. He has created and managed large organizations of technical professionals in the research environment. Harold is well published in the engineering, management, and systems thinking/dynamics disciplines. Harold is now an active consultant, trainer, and executive coach in industry and government.

Catherine Todd (PDF, 32K), Grand Forks, North Dakota, has 18 years experience supervising, managing and leading through various miltary positions, including military pilot experience. She has taught management systems engineering and directed educational operations for a major weapons system in the miltary. She has degrees in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has taught management and leadership courses with Newport Group, LLC for the past 2 years. Newport Group LLC was founded in 2004, by Pamela Kurstedt, when she formed The Newport Group LLC, a consulting, education, and training organization dedicated to improving management and leadership in complex organizations through a systems approach.

Susan Adams (PDF, 32K), Burke, Virginia, has 28 years experience as a communications instructor, primarily with the FBI, but also ten years at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Nancy Eberhardt (PDF, 32K), ( Fairfax, Virginia, is an executive coach and leadership development consultant, serving as CEO of Pathwise Partners, LLC.

Steve Gladis (PDF, 28K), ( Fairfax, Virginia, is an accomplished manager, entrepreneur, and published author. Steve recently founded Steve Gladis Communications, LLC.

Pat Golden (PDF, 28K), McLean, Virginia, recently completed 15 years at Freddie Mac as Director of Education Services for the IT Division and is a certified exeuctive coach.

John Hess (PDF, 40K), Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a consultant and trainer in both the public and private sectors. Formerly of the FBI, John is an expert at teaching and writing about developing trust and putting people at ease.

Jean S. Hodges (PDF, 36K), ( Vienna, Virginia, is a strategic communications expert and skilled facilitator.

Denise Hudson Hurst (PDF, 32K), Dallas, Texas, has 25 years experience as a consultant and trainer in both the public and private sector using methods taught by Peter Drucker under whom she studied in graduate school.

R. Martin Jones (PDF, 32K), ( Blacksburg, VA , has 30 years experience teaching and practicing engineering and management systems engineering in government and industry with management experience for 200+ technical professionals and multi-million dollar budgets.

Rosanne Kurstedt (PDF, 28K), Westfield, NJ, has 15 years experience teaching communication skills to students and teachers. She has served as a school administrator and is a published author and consultant to educational organizations.

Cathy Lange (PDF, 28K), McLean, Virginia, is an accomplished manager turned consultant. After spending nearly 20 years in high tech firms, she created a consulting firm focused on teaching communication and strategy skills to managers and leaders. She is a certified executive coach and supports managers at many levels.

Louis Middleman (PDF, 32K), Falls Church, VA, has 35 years experience of college, university, and federal government teaching and consulting experiences in communication and organizational development of the highest levels of federal government and other client organizations.

Gloria Pinger (PDF, 28K), Vienna, VA, is an accomplished instructor and curriculum developer, recently completing 14 years at Freddie Mac where she taught a wide range of subjects to technical professionals including interpersonal communications, process management, and professional development.

Tim Thayne (PDF, 28K), ( Lehi, Utah, is a marriage and family therapist specializing in family systems emphasizing communication and interpersonal skills. Tim worked with Harold Kurstedt in developing and teaching the Solution-Focused Leadership Workshops in the mid 90's and carries those workshop principles into his work with families.

Diane White (PDF, 28K), Falls Church, Virginia, has 25 years of diverse executive leadership experience in several of America's premier financial institutions, most recently Freddie Mac.  

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