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Newport Group, LLCNewport Group, LLC. Improving Management and Leadership Practices in Complex Organizations Through a Systems Approach.

Useful Tools


It's Obvious!

I have a big problem when I delegate a task. Once I mention the topic of the task, I believe the needed result, the needed methods and resources, and the needed empowerment are all obvious. Part of my personality type (ENTP, for those who know Meyers Briggs typing), is that everything seems obvious to me. The problem is: what’s obvious to me isn’t obvious to others.
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Vision is Knowing Where You Want to Be

Some people have a clear sense of who they are, where they're going in life; they can see it clearly because they have a personal vision of what they want to achieve in their life. They're committed to it. They're at peace with it.
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Life Balance Corner

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What We Do To Serve Our Clients

We offer Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Follow Up to improve management and leadership in complex organizations.

  • We consult with managers to identify opportunities, problems, and resolutions. Only when we understand the complexity of a problem are we able to determine simple solutions. We always consider the systems in the organization, their interactions with each other and with people. We facilitate groups of all sizes and with issues of all types.

  • We customize training workshops and seminars for your organization's needs using your issues as examples for applications. Our workshops vary in length from half-day to multiple days. Some of these can be offered for graduate credit through universities.


    Organizational Effectiveness

    Comprehensive Planning

    Continuous Improvement


    Culture Management

  • We offer individual coaching for professionals who are interested in changing directions, acquiring more responsibility, or resolving difficult interpersonal relationships.
    • Career Coaching
    • Life Coaching

  • We stay in touch with you after the workshops and/or coaching. We are always available for questions through email or phone.
    • Weekly Key Points sent via the Internet
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