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It's Obvious!

I have a big problem when I delegate a task. Once I mention the topic of the task, I believe the needed result, the needed methods and resources, and the needed empowerment are all obvious. Part of my personality type (ENTP, for those who know Meyers Briggs typing), is that everything seems obvious to me. The problem is: what’s obvious to me isn’t obvious to others.
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Vision is Knowing Where We Want to Be

Some people have a clear sense of who they are, where they're going in life; they can see it clearly because they have a personal vision of what they want to achieve in their life. They're committed to it. They're at peace with it.
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Life Balance Corner

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Publications & Resources

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Project management tools

Effective planning and proper execution is pivotal for any project. This resourceful manual lays out the requirements for any successful project ...preview document (PDF, 128K)

$20.00 US


Why we can't balance life and work - what to do about it

Many challenges arise when grappling to strike a balance between life and work. This discussion on the dynamics that make up a person's total life provides insight and instruction citing techniques and guides to achieving a work/life balance ...preview document (PDF, 88K)

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The Meaning of significance and the significance of meaning

This guide provides an understanding behind the dynamics of significance, and our desire to attain it ...preview document (PDF, 92K)

$7.00 US

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