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Newport Group, LLCNewport Group, LLC. Improving Management and Leadership Practices in Complex Organizations Through a Systems Approach.

Useful Tools


It's Obvious!

I have a big problem when I delegate a task. Once I mention the topic of the task, I believe the needed result, the needed methods and resources, and the needed empowerment are all obvious. Part of my personality type (ENTP, for those who know Meyers Briggs typing), is that everything seems obvious to me. The problem is: what’s obvious to me isn’t obvious to others.
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Vision is Knowing Where You Want to Be

Some people have a clear sense of who they are, where they're going in life; they can see it clearly because they have a personal vision of what they want to achieve in their life. They're committed to it. They're at peace with it.
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Life Balance Corner

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Our History

Pamela S. Kurstedt formed the Newport Group, LLC in 2004 to provide a source of information, facilitation, training, consulting, and coaching to improve management and leadership in government, industry, and not-for-profit organizations.

The vision of the Newport Group, LLC is to create a world where people find meaning and joy in their work. Meaning and joy emerge from their contribution because they know who they are, have the tools and processes to manage their lives, and have balance between work and life.

The expertise of the Newport Group, LLC centers on effective interpersonal communication, coaching and facilitating, trust building, designing and implementing management processes, systems and solution-focused thinking, and relationship building.

The mission of the Newport Group, LLC is captured in its logo - a covered bridge with light at the destination. The mission is to provide a safe pathway for ideas, tools, support, and mentoring to organizations striving for productive workplaces based on meaning, dignity, and community.

Harold and Pamela Kurstedt were engineering faculty at Virginia Tech from the early 70's until they took early retirement from the university in 2003. Their experience in researching and teaching management systems engineering and systems dynamics was complemented by their research in management systems, consensus decision making, total quality management, and leadership. While professors, they consulted with several federal, state, and corporate organizations. Upon retirement, Pamela established the Newport Group, LLC to respond to the many requests for them to continue their consulting and teaching in government and the corporate world.

As the Newport Group, LLC grew in clients and activities, we found like-minded professionals who could work with us on our client projects. Each of our consultants is a successful trainer, facilitator, coach, and entrepreneur with impressive management experience. Together, this group of consultants can meet the organizational needs of our clients. All of our consultants know each other and share a common goal of making a difference for our clients.

Why is the covered bridge in our logo?

Bridges are designed to carry a pathway over an obstacle. Bridges are a time, place, or means of connection or transition.  Covered bridges were built to protect the basic wooden structure of the pathway from weather that would cause deterioration.   The Kurstedts owned property that included a covered bridge and was located in Newport, Virginia.  The concept of the covered bridge has been a part of our lives since 1974.

Our covered bridge logo signifies a protected pathway over obstacles inherent in interdisciplinary efforts so that professionals can connect and raise the level of their relationship competence to their technical competence. At Newport Group, LLC, we connect technical skills to relationship skills to improve professional and corporate performance.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!

The Newport Group, LLC provides consulting, education, and training to professional service organizations through applying systems thinking to solutions overcoming obstacles to reach your vision.   We enjoy spanning disciplines and building connections between those disciplines to improve professional performance.


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